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Sarah-jane petti


Growing up in North Bay, Ontario, Sarah-Jane’s family always included at least one standard long-hair dachshund.  When her parents began to breed and enter their dogs in the conformation ring, Sarah-Jane became involved in the training and showing of the dogs.

After completing her degree in chemical engineering in 2000, Sarah-Jane  moved to Calgary.  Her love of animals, and a living situation that did not allow her to have her own dog, brought her to the Calgary Humane Society, where she began volunteering as a dog walker.  Dog walking allowed her to meet dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and personalities.   

In 2004, Sarah-Jane acquired her first dog, Maggie, a standard wire-hair dachshund.  After taking basic manners classes, Sarah-Jane was hooked on dog training.  Maggie and Sarah-Jane trained for and/or competed in agility, rally obedience, tracking, earth dog, scent hurdle,  barn hunt and nosework.  Diego, an Australian Shepherd joined the family in 2007 and brought Sarah-Jane into the sports of draft (carting) and formal competitive obedience.  Sarah-Jane's current dog is Zing, a standard wire-hair dachshund, who is playing in treibball, disc, parkour, and earthdog, with plans for lots more sports in the future!!


Sarah-Jane completed a one year apprentice program at the Calgary Humane Society and instructed there for over a year.  In 2007, TLC Training and Consulting was born.  Sarah-Jane’s strong belief in teamwork, leadership and communication has allowed many dogs and their human owners to understand and bond more strongly with each other.  Sarah-Jane continues to learn from her students, fellow trainers, as well as actively attending seminars, reading books, and watching training videos.  She has experience with sport dogs, puppies, basic obedience and a wide range of behavioural issues.


Sarah-Jane holds the following judging / evaluator licenses:  


  • CKC - rally obedience, scent detection, earthdog (IQ / JE), Canine Good Neighbour evaluator

  • C-Wags - scent detection and obedience

  • ASCA - rally obedience

  • World Cynosport - rally obedience

  • Certified evaluator with the province of Alberta for self-trained service dog teams.


Sarah-Jane is thrilled to be returning to teaching rally class after spending the last few years focusing on her family, particularly her 4 year old daughter.

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