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pauline baldwin


Pauline has owned, bred, trained, showed and loved several breeds of dogs

for over 35 years. She has mainly owned Newfoundlands, as well as a Cairn Terrier,

Parsons Russell Terrier, two Shetland Sheepdogs and four Golden Retrievers.  

Pauline’s passion for dogs has kept her busy over the years competing in;

Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Water, Draft, Rally, Tracking, Go to ground,

WC tests, Hunt tests, and Herding.

Pauline has shown dogs in several different Countries, and is currently a

Judge for Water and Draft tests.

Pauline’s passion has always been in Obedience, placing in the

Top Ten all breeds with both Shelties and three of her Goldens.

However, Pauline has found a new love; Agility,

and in just a couple of years has succeeded in getting a

CKC MATCH title on her first trained agility dog,

with several titles on her Newfoundland and

her current Goldens, (Teal and Raptor)

are well on their way to their Agility Champions! 

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