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Lauren Alexander



Hi, I'm Lauren!  I am the owner of Kayenna Training Academy and the proud owner of 3 Golden Retrievers Keyna, Kaysa and Katana. I am also the mom of 2 beautiful daughters, Brooklyn & Sophia and wife to my amazing and supportive husband, Keith.


My love for Golden Retrievers began when I was only 14 years old. I was working my first job and saved all my money to purchase my first Golden named Sandie -Unfortunately not knowing any better as a teenager I purchased my Golden off the internet. She taught me many lessons and I will always thank her for introducing me into this wonderful world of Goldens - I was hooked on this amazing, beautiful and intelligent breed! 

While in University, I began looking into CKC Registered Golden Retrievers and soon found my heart dog -  Keyna. Keyna was an intelligent, funny and patient puppy and over the years has taught me so much and even though she didn’t turn out to be the "Show" prospect I was hoping for, her intelligence has opened me up to a whole other world of training and competing - Rally Obedience! Rally-O has enabled me to bond to Keyna in ways normal training could never do. 

When Keyna was a year and a half I brought Kaysa into our family. I flew down to California on a snowy February day to bring back this amazing girl. Kaysa allowed me to enter into the world of Conformation, and I fell in love with the show world the moment we stepped into the ring at our very first show. Kaysa was the #1 Golden Retriever in Canada in 2015 for part of the year and finished the year as #3. 


I breed, show and compete in various venues with my Golden Retrievers, including: Agility, Rally Obedience, Conformation, Tricks, Canine Good Neighbour and CKC Temperament Testing. 

Before opening Kayenna's current location in Calgary,  I worked full time as a Dental Assistant  -  Finishing my diploma in 2010. My original goal was to become a dentist but soon decided my love for dogs is more rewarding. 

I Graduated from an intensive Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program which took me over 18 months to complete with over 300 hours of hands on experience. 

Classes that I currently teach at Kayenna are: Puppy Pre-School, Puppy Kindergarten, Everyday Obedience, Rally Obedience. I am also available for temperament testing of litters for breeders - I follow the Volhard Aptitude Test.

  • Approved evaluator through the Canadian Kennel Club for the CGN Certificate. (Canine Good Neighbour).

  • CKC Pending - Rally Obedience Judging Permit. 


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