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Competition obedience, also referred to as "formal" obedience, requires precision and teamwork as the dog and handler work through a set number of exercises that are called out by a judge.  The exercises never vary (as in rally) and require the team to work with minimal cues.   These exercises include heeling, recalls, and stays and progress in difficulty through the levels to retrieves, scent discrimination, send aways and more.


C-Wags obedience aims to provide the challenges that other obedience venues provide (such as CKC) in a way that is more rewarding and fun for the team.  Food is allowed at the completion of exercises, and encouragement and praise is allowed during the exercise.  No group exercises are required at any level, no judge exams and the difficulty of exercises progresses on par with other venues.


6 Week Program

Price: $200.00 + GST

(4 Dog Maximum Per Class As Per Covid-19 Safety Precautions)


Start Dates:

To Be Announced

Would you like to get into the world of competing in Obedience or Rally Obedience, but don't know where to start?

Welcome to Kayenna's NEW 6-week intro to competitive obedience class. We will cover all the basics to get you started towards your first obedience title and will help you to understand the rules of each of the required behaviours.


The objective of this class is to build on the foundational elements essential for successful competition obedience. Those behaviours are focused heeling, both on and off leash. Fast, tight sits, downs & stands and how to get reliable stays and stand for exams. Focus will be on building a good working relationship with your dog to be able to get a fast, reliable response from the dog. There will be a special focus on building engagement and a strong team dynamic. 


Prerequisites: Puppy Kindergarten, Everyday Obedience or equivalent classes.  Dogs must be able to work around other dog and handler teams and with distraction. 

Please Note: When registering for this class it will be found under the Rally Obedience Tab.

Payment & Refund Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the fact our classes book up several weeks in advance, we need to confirm registration with payment at the time of booking. Your spot will only be held for 48 hours after booking. If payment is not received within those 48 hours, your registration will be cancelled and you will be removed from the class.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE.  This includes: Workshops, Seminars and Fun Matches.  We do not offer make up sessions for missed classes.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

C-Wags Level One / Level Two

6 Week Program
$235.00+gst, 6 dog maximum

Start Dates:

To be Announced

This class will help teams work towards competing in C-Wags Level 1 and/or Level 2 obedience, and would complement anyone working towards a CD in CKC.


Focus will be on building polished heeling, stays and recalls, position changes, stays with distractions, and consistent and precise fronts and finishes, polite greetings.

List of exercises in Level 1: Heeling, Find Front, Walk-Around, Position Change, Call to Heel, Greeting


List of exercises in Level 2:  Heeling (on and off leash), Figure 8, Recall over Jump, Find Front, Call to Heel, Position Change, Stand Stay for Handler Exam, Stays


Prerequisites:  Rally Novice or higher, Everyday Obedience Level 2, or completion of competition obedience classes at other facilities (requires trainers approval)

Conformation-single sessions

$15/handler +gst. 8 dog maximum

Please NOTE: Pre registration and payment is REQUIRED.


To be announced

During this session, your will learn the appropriate techniques to handle and show your dog in the conformation ring! You will learn how to best represent your dog against the breed standard.

About Conformation:

Conformation is a sport that focuses on presenting your dogs best qualities for evaluation. Some factors that you are judged on being: appearance, structure, movements and temperament. Conformation is a appropriate way for one to judge a dogs breeding quality, and by doing well in conformation, helps approve future puppies. 


There is a "standard" for each breed, that focuses on the dogs ability to perform the tasks and jobs that that breed was originally bred for. Your dog will be judged against this "breed standard", and scored. This sport is a great way to confirm structural and tempermental quality in a breeding dog, as well as just pets!


Come on down to Conformation to show the judges your dog's beautiful qualities! 

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