Kayenna Training Academy is located in the South of Calgary, Alberta. In addition to being very convenient from most major roads in Calgary, there are many dog-friendly hotels within 5-20 minutes of the facility and we are only 20 minutes from the Calgary International Airport. 

The 10,000sqft facility is fully heated, air-conditioned, and is wheelchair accessible. 

(1800sqft Usable Training Space Upstairs and 6400sqft Usable Training Space Downstairs)

(300sqft Reception Area) (400sqft Grooming Area) (1100sqft Storage & Kennel Space)

Our sports field is suitable for dog related activities such as Private Individual Use, Group Use, Multi-Ring Obedience & Rally Trials, Seminars, Workshops and Fun Matches. 

Rental rates vary based on the activity.  

All rentals include such items as chairs, tables, speaker system.

Depending on the event type, some equipment is included as well: 

(1) Jumps for obedience trials and partitions which can be used for out of sight stays and/or to provide visual separation of the obedience rings if desired.

(2) Agility equipment rental.

(3) Agility Timers are available as well for an additional reasonable fee.

Free WiFi is available throughout the facility.

Indoor crating space is available and a fenced potty area is available out back.  For human relief, there are 2 unisex bathrooms which are handicapped accessible bathrooms.

The sports field does have 2 support posts.  These will be padded for competitor and dog safety.  We can supply you with precisely dimensioned layouts that will allow obedience and rally judges to account for these accurately in their designs.  There are several entrances into the arena containing the sports field (5 man doors and 2 large overhead loading bay doors, ground level) that can be closed or opened as necessary for good human and canine traffic flow appropriate to the trial type.

**Please note that Kayenna Training Academy does NOT rent our facility for free off-leash play times**

Renters agree to enforce the following Kayenna Training Academy policies:

(1) If exhibitors choose to x-pen indoors, waterproof covering must be placed underneath the x-pen.

(2) Food, gum, and drinks which would leave a stain or residue may not be consumed on the sports field.

(3) Dogs are to be relieved in the designated outdoor area only.

Rates Are As Follows

Private Individual / Group* Use Rentals - Downstairs

1 Hour = $60.00

Each Consecutive Hour = $40.00 (must be used same day)

5 Hours = $270.00 (10% off) (30 Day Expiry)

10 Hours = $510.00 (15% off) (30 Day Expiry)

*Not For Commercial Use, Friends & Family Welcome*

Private Individual / Group* Use Rentals - Upstairs

1 Hour = $40.00

Each Consecutive Hour = $30.00 (must be used same day)

5 Hours = $180.00 (10% off) (30 Day Expiry)

10 Hours = $340.00 (15% off) (30 Day Expiry)

*Not For Commercial Use, Friends & Family Welcome*

Seminars / Workshop Use Rentals

Full Facility Rental

$500 + GST / Day For Weekends

$750 + GST / Day For Weekdays

$300 + GST / Half Day (less than 4 hours)

Agility Room Only (Full Day)

$350 + GST / Day For Weekend

$550 + GST / Day For Weekdays

Upstairs Room Only (Full Day)

$250 + GST / Day For Weekends

$450 + GST / Day For Weekdays

If your club or business is interested in renting our facility, please contact Lauren Alexander at lauren@kayenna.ca