Setting your dog up for success is the first step in having a dog that you can take into public with confidence. 
You will be actively engaged in your dog’s training, working as a team as you learn to communicate more effectively with your dog. So what you learn at Kayenna doesn’t have to stay at the Kayenna. Behaviors will naturally transition to life at home with your dog.

Everyday obedience - level 1

6 Week Program

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to covid restrictions we are only able to allow one person per pet to attend.  



Kayenna Training Academy Staff

Price: $250 + GST

Start Dates:

Saturday, May 22nd @ 11:30am (FULL)

Saturday, May 22nd @ 2:00pm (FULL)

Tuesday, May 25th @ 11:00am (FULL)

Sunday, May 30th @ 12:15pm (FULL)

Sunday, May 30th @ 7:45pm

Friday, May 28th @ 4:15pm

Friday, May 28th @ 6:45pm

Monday, May 31st @ 1:30pm

Everyday Obedience - Level 1 is teaching skills that apply for everyday life! This program will teach you how to make learning FUN for your dog, through our reward-based training methods and various training games! 


Some of the things we work on in this level include:

  • Teaching your dog to Pay Attention!

  • Sit, Down & Stand

  • Settle on a Mat

  • Targeting

  • “The Three D’s” (Duration, Distance, Distraction)

  • Building Impulse Control (Self Control)

  • Polite Greetings (No Jumping!)

  • Recall (Basics & Adding Distractions)

  • Loose Leash Walking (Basics & Adding Distractions)

Why is it important for training to be fun?

At Kayenna, we try to make work=play. When training is FUN for your dog, they like to listen and do what you ask, and they'll even start to pick listening to you over the fun distractions the world has to offer!

What is Impulse Control?

"Impulse Control" is just a fancy way to say "Self Control". Teaching solid Impulse control creates a dog who can be in control of themselves in the face of temptation. This is the difference between a dog that just does what it wants unless we tell it not to, and a dog that automatically knows to leave stuff unless given permission. Having good Impulse control helps prevent a LOT of common behaviour problems such as: Jumping up, barking, pulling on leash, counter surfing/food stealing and so much more. A dog with good Impulse control is also less likely to get distracted by their environment.

Does my dog need any previous training experience?

NOPE! This is an entry-level program. We recommend dogs have a basic understanding of basic behaviours like sit and down, but it's not required! All of the exercises in this program are flexible to suit a large variety of skill levels. If your dog has had previous experience in a group class, but is new to reward-based training, we recommend starting with this program. This class is also a good choice for graduates of our Puppy Programs looking to refine some of their skills.

How old does my dog have to be to take this program?

This program is designed for dogs over 1 year old. If your dog is under a year old, we highly recommend checking out our Puppy Programs first! 


everyday obedience - level 2

6 Week Program

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to covid restrictions we are only able to allow one person per pet to attend.  



Kayenna Training Academy Staff

Price: $250 + GST

Start Dates:

Thursday, May 20th @ 8:30pm

​Do you have a dog that could use a refresher on their obedience skills? Want to challenge yourself and your dog? Do you want to take the Canine Good Neighbour test through the CKC? Then this is the class for you! 


This class will use games to take your obedience skills to the next level. Learn how to be more fun, melding movement and food play so your dog can’t take his eyes off you. Use platform training to train a rock-solid stay, even when you run away, food is dropped, or balls bounce by. After playing our off-leash games it should be hard to lose your dog, breezing through turns and pace changes.

This course is designed for dogs who have a basic understanding of obedience skills, including recall, sit, down, stay, rewards, loose leash walking, and are comfortable around many dogs in a busy class setting.

Important Note: This class is not designed for reactive or fearful dogs.


Focus, fun & games class

6 Week Program / Single Session Options

$250 + GST (6 Week Class)

Start Dates:

Wednesday April 21st @ 5:45pm

In Focus, Fun & Games, we will transform naughty dogs into nice partners. Whether you’re interested in scent detection, rally obedience, tricks, or just a well behaved family member, it’s difficult to succeed when your dog is more interested in checking out distractions than working with you. This course will give you the tools you to succeed by building engagement with your dog first.  

  • Do you want to do more with your dog, but are struggling with his unpredictable behavior?

  • Are you frustrated with a dog who behaves well at home, but seems to forget everything when you’re out in distracting environments?

  • Are you embarrassed when your dog barks at other dogs and lunges on the leash?

  • Is your dog more interested in zooming around than coming back to you when you take off his leash?

We’ll show you how to build a solid foundation with laser focus, a stronger bond, and better success. By playing fun, easy, fast games you’ll build a more rewarding relationship with your dog. You’ll learn how to be more fun, so your dog eagerly looks for ways he can work to please you instead of sniffing the ground. And you’ll develop the skills you need to confidently take your dog new places.

You’ll learn:

  1. Engagement – transform your dog so he eagerly looks for what he can do next to please you

  2. Focus – your dog will pay more attention to you even when you do and say nothing

  3. Be more rewarding – create reward events and use food play instead of just being a Pez dispenser. Everyone will want to be your dog.

  4. Impulse control –Expect more from your dog than saying leave it. Train him to ignore food on the floor as a default behavior, and look to you for permission to take food

  5. Exciting, fun boundary games – your dog will want to stay at a table or crate when distractions run or fly by. You’ll learn to balance the drive for work with calm and confidence.

  6. Introduce new environments with a plan to set your dog up for success, including acclimation and dealing with environmental distractions.

Once your foundation is in place, you’ll be amazed at how your dog follows you, looking for the next chance to work with you! 

Important Note: This class is not designed for reactive or fearful dogs.