Kristi has been training dogs and teaching group classes since 2008.  She

completed the Calgary Humane Society’s Dog Training Apprenticeship

Program, and went on to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-

KA), a level six Tellington TTouch student, and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified

Training Partner (KPA-CTP).   She maintains her CPDT-KA and KPA-CTP

certifications by completing continuing education in dog training and behaviour

every year; this ensures that she stays current with the latest evidence-based

developments in this field.  Her primary goal is to teach dog owners to

understand how their dog thinks, learns, and feels, which deepens the

dog/owner bond and makes training more fun.


Kristi’s passion for training developed when she was volunteering as a dog

walker at the Calgary Humane Society. She was troubled by how many young

healthy dogs were being surrendered by their owners because of behaviour

problems. Those dogs were also difficult to adopt into new homes, and

she wanted to help them succeed. Her focus has shifted to helping people to

socialize and train their puppies and dogs so surrendering them never feels