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Sandy Hovey


Sandy grew up in the country where dogs and horses were part of the family lifestyle.  She actively competed in multiple horse disciplines from a young age and showed across North America. 

Over the past few years, she has switched her focus to competing primarily in agility with her dogs.


Sandy shares her home with 2 dogs, Jade a (4.5 yr. old) French bull dog X and Grit a (2 yr. old) Border Collie.  Together they have participated in a variety of different dogs sports including: agility, disc dog, rally, barn hunt and nose work.


Sandy actively competes in AAC agility, CARO Rally and CKC Rally.  She has trialed Jade to multiple master level titles in AAC.  In 2018, Jade won her first AAC Regional Championship and qualified for Nationals. Jade has also earned CKC and CARO Rally titles.  

Jade proves that you don’t need a “stereo typical” agility breed to be successful.   With her young dog Grit, she earned their CARO Novice MCL title at the age of 13 months.  Grit is currently trialing at an advanced level in AAC.


Continuing education is important to Sandy and she regularly attends seminars and participates in online courses with Sarah Stremming, Kathy Keats, Jessica Patterson, Tamas Traj, and Suzanne Boldt among others.  Her hope is to continue to learn and grow her knowledge in the sport of agility.


Sandy loves to support and teach new teams in agility and to watch the human/dog relations develop, as new skills are learned.

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