Sarah Novak


Sarah Novak has been involved with a large variety of dog sports for nearly 20 years, but her passion is with Dog Agility. She has been lucky to have amazing mentors and coaches to help her stay motivated and current with dog training. Her own dogs have had many drive levels and challenges which keeps her wanting to learn more.


Sarah has a keen eye for each individual dog and handler and focuses on getting the best out of each unique team. A relationship is key, and the rest can be built through motivational games and consistency in training. She truly believes that every dog has potential!


Sarah and her Jack Russell Terrier Fitz will be heading to their 4th world championship this spring. Over the years Sarah and her various teammates (Jack Russell Terriers, Border Collie, and a Flat-Coated Retriever) have won 5 Regional competitions, a National Championship and have had many podium placings Nationally over the years.


Sarah currently has three dogs Fitz (JRT), Freya (Border Collie) and her young dog Tula (PRT).