My name is Maria and I had grown up with dogs and other animals my whole life. I was born in Brazil and moved to Calgary in 2014. I have bachelor’s degree in Animal sciences and since then I have never stopped studying! I have always tried to train myself more and more in the area of ​​animal behaviour and well-being, especially dogs, and for over 10 years I have been working in this area that I love very much! I've done several jobs with dogs and I was able to gain a lot of experience and help people and their dogs more and more. I worked in some kindergartens and dog schools both in Brazil and in Canada and I was able to learn a lot with these dogs!


Some curiosities about me:

I already worked as a Rural Extensionist in the area of chicken in Brazil when I graduated. I already tried to apply my knowledge in animal welfare in practice, teaching and helping breeders to respect the basic needs of these animals and to always give the best quality of life for the animals. In my opinion all animals deserve to have a dignified life that values ​​well-being!


I have worked as a producer and animal trainer for television programs. With this work I even had the opportunity to participate in the training of wild animals / Zoo. It was special and I am very proud of this phase of my career as a trainer. 


I've done several volunteer work with animals!


Two of them that were special to me:

One in the area of ​​dog-assisted therapy in Brazil, where it brought a lot of joy and movement to children in hospitals, children with special needs and the elderly. In Canada with horse-assisted therapy where I learned a lot about horse behaviour and the evolution of children with special needs with the help of these animals that I consider to be true angels!


I have always worked thinking about the welfare of animals, studying to increasingly improve the way of living with them, using methods that have respect, well being and health for both the animal and the people who live with!