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Candice has been competing in agility for longer than she hasn’t been! Starting off as a junior handler with her bichon-cross Cassy and border collies Skid and Trick, Candice successfully competed in NADAC for many years. She earned numerous NATCHs, won multiple Championships (including Super Stakes Division) along with becoming the 7th dog/handler team in North America to earn a Purple MOD SQUAD for her distance work with Skid.

Since returning from university in Montana while earning her Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Candice has focused primarily on international style agility with her border collies Fawkes, Rodeo and Skor. In 2020, Candice & Fawkes earned a Wild Card spot to compete at WAO in Amsterdam, but unfortunately, they were unable to compete as the event was canceled due to Covid.  Candice, Fawkes & Rodeo competed for Team Canada at the 2022 European Open & Border Collie Classic events held in Belgium. Candice enjoys working with European presenters and has been lucky enough to be coached by Dave Munnings, Enya Habel, Daniel Schroder, Nina Gregl, Lisa Frick, Polona Bonac & Manca Mikec. She has a keen interest to bring a more European agility style to Canada as she works on becoming a UKI Agility Judge!

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